Graphic design doesn’t just stop at making logos and business cards. Your total image, from your overall brand to how you reach your potential audience is ushered in by a competent designer. We [graphic designers] all must know some web design, some print prepress and a little animation, among other things, but we don’t all know how they fit together, let alone do it on a regular basis.

Your designs don’t always turn out to be what you expect and they shouldn’t. It should exceed your expectations. It should come from left field. It should break the mold.

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We have access to the most popular apparel options out there. Whether it’s for sports, business or leisure you’re in good hands.

Promo Items

With promo items from BIC®, Koozie Brand®, Tervis®, and more your options are unlimited. Reach out now to get ideas for your next giveaway.

Marketing Materials

Your business or activity isn’t official without stationery. Get brochures, business cards and more in a wide variety of paper stocks and finishing options.

Large Format

Posters, window graphics, vehicle graphics and banners aren’t the end of it. Get your name out there in a BIG WAY with almost limitless options to choose from.


Graphic Design

Top teir design at an affordable price with customer service that can’t be beat. It doesn’t just look good, it works.


Your search is over. If you need anything hand drawn, digitally painted or 'photoshopped' you’re in the right place.

Motion Graphics

Bring your image to life with 2D and 3D animation. Highly discounted options available for a limited time. Email now!

Web Design

Get the foot traffic from the web traffic. You’ll be front and center for all prospects to see, across all desktops, tablets and phones.

Tyler Muschara

Tyler Muschara

Owner / Operator


I’m Tyler Muschara.  I have extensive experience in most fields of visual design and am constantly looking to expand on that experience in any way possible.  When I started Maverix Imaging back in 2013, I took what loyal clients I had and built upon that form what I have today.  I’m currently servicing over 20 routine clients and keep gaining more and more each quarter.

I can’t say I know everything about design – not even close!  I can say however that I care more than most about the service and products I sell and I put everything I have into each project that comes my way.  I take a special amount of pride in what I do and a lot of it is for selfish reasons, I’m not shy about saying.

Reach out to me any time for pricing, product options, or just information – I’m always willing to help.

Thank you for your time!


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